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Welcome to JZH Gaming!

I am currently working on pages for the builds I currently use on my Dragon Knight tank/dps and straight dps, as well as my Templar dps. All three builds are stamina based, and draw heavily from Deltia’s builds on Deltias Gaming.

If they are based on Deltia’s, why then create a separate page here? Simple, though based off of his, they differ slightly – sometimes because I do not have the time to dedicate a lot of hours to get every skill tree fully upgraded to get say, Razor Caltrops, or Flawless Dawnbreaker. Also, I’m on console – PS4 – so we don’t have addons – so, we can’t see sky shards and lore books on our in game maps, hell, we don’t even have a mini-map. So, even though the console and PC versions are the same, they are also different, and the experience itself is a different world then what it is on PC.

My goal is not to become a rival or replacement for any website and resource already out there, but a guide focused on the console player, and not just the console player, but the gamer who can’t always be on all the time – or even 3-4 hours a day. So, please, continue to check out websites like Deltias Gaming, they are the real experts anyways, but keep us in mind for those gamers who need a little love from a console guy.

If there are any questions, comments or if there is anything you would like to see here, please, let me know in the comments.




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