ESO – Dungeons & Trials

Beginning last night, we have started streaming our Undaunted Daily Pledges – beginning first with the normal pledge and ending with the veteran pledge. Last night was Wayrest Sewers (Normal) and Fungal Grotto (Veteran), both were successful.

The plan is each night to do this – stream during the run, in which for the veteran dungeons we will discuss mechanics for each boss as we go. We are also planning on beginning trial (Dragonstar Arena) runs the first of next week. First on normal, then on veteran for score. Again, we will stream and discuss mechanics as we go. Once the streams are done, we will post the videos here on the website.

Our stream can be found at our YouTube Channel – formerly the channel of the Phantom Forsight Gaming Clan. The streams, and the videos, will be available, even if we fail to complete the dungeon. This is both for us to look at and evaluate our performance and mechanics, as well as for you to see the dungeons and mechanics for yourself – even if its what not to do! You can find the videos by using the menu on the right.

Our current schedule for streaming is weekdays (Sun – Thurs.) starting around 7:30 EST. Weekends the time will very, so subscribe to the channel for alerts and updates. If our time changes, we will let you know here on the website. Lastly, our current plan is to run DSA on normal this Sunday, so stay tuned!


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