Lone Survivor – Stamina DK DPS

Here is a stamina Dragonknight build by J4LYFE –

“Lone Survivor” – Build Link

I’ve played every type of stamina build character in ESO.  Out of all the characters played DragonKnight is my favorite.  I play a lot of solo so this build suits me well.  Very good in group settings as well as pvp.  Deltia and SypherPk websites have helped me put together this build.

Equipment:  5 pieces of Hundings Rage and 3 piece Night Silence.  Night silence can be switched out for something that hits harder like Night Mother’s but I like the sustain you get from Night Silence.  This is an easy set to get your hands on crafting wise.  Hundings with 2 piece Molag Kena, Engine Guardian, or Bloodspawn would be ideal to run with this build and use Maelstrom or Master Weapons. I use precise or sharpened on weapons w/ weapon damage glyphs.  Divines on armor and stam glyphs.

Jewelry:  Robust rings/necklace with weapon damage.  3 Agility pieces would be ideal if you can get your hands on them.

Running 5 piece Hundings 3 Night Silence with 3 agility rings I’m around 4k dmg 20k health and 30k stam with around 2100 stam regen using food that adds 5k health and 457 stam regen.

Race:  Imperial.  Can’t go wrong with this class.  You get a little bit of everything, health for tanking and stam for burst.

Champion Points: 501

Thief:  Tower 37 points into warlord for stam reduction.

Lover 100 points into Mooncalf for stam regen

Shadow 30 pts into tumbling

Warrior:  Lady 60 points into Hardy and 50 points into Elemental Defender

Steed 20 points into Resistant and 25 into Spell Shield

Lord 12 points into quick recovery

Mage: Ritual I put 100 points into Mighty 40 points into precise strikes and 10 points into Piercing.

Apprentice I dump 17 points into blessed

Not everyone has 501 champion points.  Use your points on stam regen/reduction and mighty/precise strikes.

2hand bar/Bow bar

Before a fight you want to use bow bar and get up igneous shields/shuffle.  2hand bar buff with rally for weapon dmg.  Before I attack I shoot arrow barrage on bow bar for area of effect switch to 2hand and close gap with crit rush.  If you have unstable flames hit with that for a nice damage over time.  Next hit with wrecking blow. Make sure you weave in some light/heavy attacks with skills for higher dps. Finish the fight with executioner.  If you’re in a long fight dolmen/world boss this build gives you the sustain you need to last.  Make sure to keep up igneous shields, shuffle, green dragons blood and resolving vigor.

If you’re not into using the 2hand you can swap it out for dual wield and use igneous weapon for a damage buff similar to rally minus the heals.  Or swap out bow for dual wield.  I prefer bow because of the hasty retreat passive you get when you dodge roll.  Great way to get out of danger in a hurry.  From time to time I run sword and board with 2hand on front bar.  DragonKnights are versatile and have great sustain which is why I enjoy playing as one.



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