ESO – Banished Cells – Veteran

Last night the veteran pledge was once again Banished Cells. A really easy dungeon to complete and speed through. We ended up running it twice – the first time jzhnutz and KujoAlpha1 were on DPS, J4LYfE was on heals, and we had SergeantPink join us as tank. On our second run through, we had our normal group – jzhnutz as tank, J4LYFE and TeddyT94 as DPS and KujoAlpha1 as healer.


Tank PoV

Tonight the veteran pledge is City of Ash, and this will be our first attempt with an actual dedicated healer in our group. We had ran before, unsuccessfully – the healer we had needed to leave once we got to the Ash Titan.

Unfortunately TeddyT94 will not be able to run with us tonight, so we will have a guest DPS.


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