ESO – Dancing with the Enemy – The Art of Tanking – Guide

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9 thoughts on “ESO – Dancing with the Enemy – The Art of Tanking – Guide

  1. First, it’s awesome to see a guide written by a console player. I play on PS4 & XB1 because my crazy friends keep switching. LOL

    A lot of builds I read are from the point of view of a V16 character. Any tips for leveling up a tank? I just rolled up a baby nord DK and V16 seems a long way off. I’ll be soloing aside from dungeon runs so… should I just find a PvE DPS build and then respect later or….well what do you recommend? Thanks for any input!


  2. Thanks for the compliment! For sake of “speed,” yes, I recommend using a DPS build for leveling, then respec once you get ready for tanking – that being said, you want to make sure the skills you are going to use get leveled up as well. Since you are going to want Shuffle (morph of evasion in Med. Armor), run a DPS build with medium armor – but also run two pieces or so of heavy so that line gets leveled up as well. Also, make sure you have the first skill in sword and shield unlocked and have it slotted on your bar so it also gains experience. You wont be able to use it, but it will level up that skill plus the skill line. Once that one is leveled, you can switch to the next one – low slash -> heroic slash.

    A good build is our very on Lone Survivor –

    I also have a leveling guide on here. It works, especially if you are leveling solo. If you can run in groups – both public dungeons in Orsinium have good grind spots (if thats your cup of tea).


    1. Cool, thanks for the reply. After I posted my comment I dug into your older articles and saw the Lone Survivor so I’ll check that out too. And I found two posts about leveling up. Haha, there goes my productivity for this afternoon!


  3. I definitely think your set up needs tweaking for 4 man dungeons. Tanking is very versatile and you can definitely wear what you want.

    I personally believe there are 3 archetypes that tanks cando and what kind of tank depends on what content you do. The ones that are built like a rock(your set up) which is heavily group reliant (well support from your healer for resources and heals) for resources. I kept noticing resource issues, ulti not being used at the right time and lack of support from your healer. Great set up trials. Bloodspawn is great for ulti which means resources but with and ulti like warhorn you are only using it 3-4 times in dungeon which is for bosses. Without bloodspawn you should be able to have ulti up everytime for a boss anyways for warhorn making engine a better choice for 4 man content.

    Second Archetype would be one where you are more self reliant, eg footmen,engine guardian and whatever set bonuses you want to sustain yourself. In 4 man content you do not need to have stacked spell and armor resist imo, whatever 5 heavy will get you is almost always suitable and I respect my stats for trials to have more HP, and dump more points into stats. Usually tankins with an avg of 21 to 23k hp. In the videos your actually had amazing dps which made the fights very short, I don’t think the rock set up would last much longer if need be. Another reason for bloodspawn isn’t necessary on console is the fact is that you guys have double the ulti gen than we do on conole. As long as you weave light attacks and keep heroic slash up you should be set. With this more sustained set up you can use your other abilities more often for more sustain like igneous shield for stamina return. Drop vigor, drop shuffle, they are stamina dumps which only hinder your ability to block unless you can spam igneous shield to return your stamina. Double slot defensive posture for both bars. If you try this setup I definitely think you will have so much more fun tanking.

    Last archetype is really unique and probably only applicable to DSA would be a stamina DPS tank which taunts and does DPS with DW And 2h. The video explains itself.

    Final thoughts: good armor set up for trials, adjust bars.


      1. – respec for points into HP for trials, respect out for 4 man
        – you guys on console have more ulti gen than we do on PC
        -other minor grammar mistakes in my comments – 😦


      2. Thank you for your feedback! I agree, this build is more of a “rock,” not suited for the new trial. I am working on a new build (tavas favor + footman). Once I can get on my computer, I will respond more completely. Again, great points and I appreciate it! This build is ever evolving!


    1. Just to follow up, I am currently running 5 piece Tava’s Favor, 5 piece Footman with Blood Spawn. Again, the point is high ultimate gain for maximum resource generation. Because of more ultimate, as well as a slightly more dependence on magika, the build has become more of a hibrid with 32 ability points into stamin and 32 ability points into magika.

      The truth is, except for maybe vWGT, vICP and vCOA, you don’t even need a tank if the DPS is high enough across the board – if you do need a tank for the “lower” dungeons, almost any build that can reach near the cap in physical and spell resistance – and around 25k health, can tank tank it – regardless of skill – as long as there is a taunt ability and CC slotted.

      The first three I mentioned are a little tougher, even one – vWGT – benefiting from a tank being able to DPS (Planar Inhibitor fight), but there are strategies to get around that. It is also my belief that, if you can tank a trial with your set up you can also tank virtually any dungeon – if all you are doing is tanking. I would point out, however, that trials can and will get tanks, and everyother role, out of their comfort zone and force you to slot skills you may never have to use for dungeons. I will be updating this guide as I got along, specifically with running Tava’s and working on a nightblade build.


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