ESO – Lord Warden (Hard Mode) – vICP

Thanks to all who ran vICP last night for the Gold Pledge run:

J4LYFE (Healer) and KujoAlpha1 (DPS) who unfortunately had to leave early.

ODBUnlimited (DPS) who was there from the beginning, MightyHus007 (DPS) and Vaultamour (Healer) who came in to help finish the dungeon off.

This video is from the Tank PoV (jzhnutz). The idea, from the tanking perspective, is to keep the aggro of Lord Warden on the tank at all times – especially in hard mode where there are a lot of other factors that can hurt the other players in the group. With this particular fight, jzhnutz decided to tank mainly from his back bar. The tank is wearing 5 piece Tava’s favor, 5 piece Footman and 2 piece Blood Spawn. The idea behind this build is to gain as much ultimate as possible quickly for two reasons – a) for resource managment and b) for Warhorn. The tank uses a ranged taunt instead of pierce armor because Lord Warden teleports himself frequently. For this fight Aggressive Warhorn is chosen as the ultimate for two reasons – a) high ultimate cost = more resource return and b) for the Major Force passive, granting 30%increase in critical strike damage for allies.

The build itself is based off of Deltias Gaming’s Talon Tank with some slighr modifications.


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