No Man’s Sky – Second Impressions

So it’s day three of playing No Man’s Sky on PS4 – yes, I am still on my first planet, and yes I am still discovering things. It may seem mundane, yet I find it hard to leave. Maybe that’s a personal problem, maybe I don’t particularly like change, but here I am (still). Day two saw me “grinding” resources to make money – it worked fairly well – spent a couple of hours making By-pass Chip things and selling them. Its pretty simple, you only need 10 Plutonium and 10 Iron, both of which are in decent supply on my original planet. It sure beat learning words, but just like with that exercise, i found myself wanting to keep going. It was a lot easier, and seemingly more legit then other money making schemes in games, such as the bottle cap glitch in Fallout 4. This isn’t a glitch at all, its a natural supply and demand thing. Like me, a lot of people who are streaming seem to have caught the credit making itch – farming items like gold, aluminum and such. Making a lot of credits and then realizing that ship that just landed is just out of monetary reach.

Just as in real life, money isn’t everything, yet it can be a driving force in this game. There is a part of me that wants to explore beyond my first planet, yet there is also something still holding me here. Maybe it is the green labeled question marks, maybe it is the monolith canyon I discovered – three monoliths right there together. Maybe it is the fact that I still haven’t “cleared” the planet 100% in discoveries. i think it is more I am scared to leave. Funny, I know, its a game, but I find myself wondering what if I leave and I miss something. This game is so vast that it will be impossible for me to clear every planet I find 100%, lest i never make it to the center of the galaxy, yet the RPG gamer in me wants to.

It is aggravating that my character doesn’t seem to have the ability or know how to make a map of my discoveries – I have found a lot of way points, but it seems to be impossible to find the dude I first met who taught me so many words. Yet, I keep discovering things and it keeps me going. I seem to have stumbled off of the Atlas path, and I can’t seem to find my way in that regard, albeit, I haven’t really attempted to too much.

With the “explanation” by Sean Murray as to why the two gamers couldn’t see each other, Link to IGN’s article. I have a renewed hope that one day I may stumble across a friend, or at least a stranger, and that makes my eventual journey to the center of the galaxy a little more exciting. Also, know that i haven’t even scratched the surface yet still makes this game daunting in its scale, and makes me look forward to what discoveries are to come. i know some people have complained that it is always more of the same, but as a scientist at heart, seriously, what did you expect? Every planet will be different, but at the same time, because of the way nature is, they will all be similar. In a simple sentence, I like it so far, and I don’t expect that to change.

I have now upgraded my score to an A- (90), partly due to the fact that Mr. Murray had a very plausible explanation concerning the two people who could not see each other. I understand that “true multiplayer” is not part of this game, the hope that I can see someone else is refreshing. There are still things I’d like to see… mapping anyone? Yet the scale of this game still continues to amaze me. My hope is that they only continue to move forward with whatever they have planned, and not take two steps back.

As a scoring note, I listed it as a B- before because I don’t like feeling betrayed – this seems to happen a lot now of days with video games, promise one thing, deliver another. With the explanation of why the two people didn’t see each other, I am once again filled with hope that in my lonely drive to the center of the galaxy, i might run into a real person.


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