Elite Dangerous – To Colonia and then Sagittarius A*

CMDR whatevernick and I began our journey to Colonia on Friday night, reaching Colonia late Saturday. From there, we began our trip to Sagittarius A*, the center of the galaxy.

Along the way to Colonia we made several detours to Nebulae, discovering planets and entire systems no one else has claimed. All in all it took roughly 13.5 hours to reach Colonia, and it should take around 6 hours total to reach Sagittarius A* from there.

My plan is to reach Sagittarius A* tonight and begin the journey back home – with several stops along the way, the first being the Great Annihilator. Like I did on the trip to Colonia, I plan to take detours to Nebulae as I approach them on the galaxy map.



Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Trip to Colonia (with waypoints)

So, it begins tonight, the long trek to Colonia from Sol – CMDR whatevernick will be starting in a slightly different location due to not having a Sol permit.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol

Above is a picture of the initial waypoints we have entered to follow. Essentially, these are just a guide to follow, allowing us to keep a general direction with the ability to waver off course to explore. Below is another picture with some more systems booked marked that have stations in them.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol (with additional bookmarks)

Around 7pm Eastern the journey will start – there is a good chance I will get a head start on CMDR whatevernick, but with his higher jump rate, he should be able to catch up pretty quick. For the first 2-3000 light years of the journey I do not see either one of us stopping to explore systems very much, but as we move further out, exploration will commence.

For me, this is part one of a long journey to get to Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the galaxy. I cannot speak for Nick and what he will do, but I appreciate the company along the way to Colonia.

I plan on streaming every jump – this will be a tediously long journey, so I do not expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but hopefully we will find some cool things along the way.

JZH Gaming YouTube is where I will be streaming.

We used the Elite Dangerous Neutron Star Router  (this link shows our bookmarks) to plan our route – though we do not plan to use the Neutron Star Highway. To do this, we put our efficiency at 100%. Also, we have filtered out all stars that cannot be scooped for fuel – though that may change as we get closer and look for things that are different.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Trip to Colonia

Its about that time, the trip to Colonia from Sol.

Join myself and CMDR whatevernick on our journey into deep space!

Beginning this Friday – time yet to be determined – we will begin out journey to Colonia, then potentially on to Sagittarius A*. I say potentially because I am not sure how weary we will be from the 23,000 light year journey once we reach our destination.

We will be using essentially the same way points, but we will not always be together during the journey – mainly because our jump ranges are different.

I will be streaming the journey throughout, both with commentary at times and sometimes without. We expect the journey to take a couple of weeks.

JZH Gaming YouTube is where the streaming will take place.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) – The Journey So Far

Elite Dangerous has now been out for 3-1/2 weeks now on Playstation 4, and for the most part, I am hooked. I have mostly done exploration, which is one of the reasons I haven’t streamed too much (watching me scan planets can’t be that much fun), but I have dabbled a little with combat, done some trading, and of course, completed enough missions to rank up a few times. All in all I have Chief Petty Officer in Federation rank with Federation reputation around 56% (friendly). Not much there for Empire or Alliance yet, I’ve been sticking with the feds for now. My goal and focus was to get a Sol permit, which I was able to do.

Earth (slightly distorted due to camera angle)

I just recently got to Ranger in exploration – been doing bits and pieces of the “Road to Riches” route. I’m still mostly harmless… but don’t tell that to the 12 NPCs I’ve killed. I’m still a merchant in trading, but once my next big move in Elite i will be working on that.

So, next big move – To Colonia then to Sagittarius A*. I will be running in tandem with a good friend of mine who now has a better jump range then me. We will be going in Asp Explorers and the idea is to take out time, explore, and see what we can find. We figure this will be a 2-3 week trip, though we will try to do it in less time – we just want to make sure we don’t miss anything. I do plan on streaming while we run – some with commentary, some without, so stay tuned.

Here are some more pictures from in game:



Destiny 2 Beta (Early Access)

I admit it, I used to be a “Destinyholic” for the first year or so that Destiny was out, and as with a lot of people, I became disenfranchised with it due to lack of content – both story and actual playable content, and with the constant grind. Some background – I play MMO games and RPGs on a regular basis, so I am used to grinding for things that I want, but Destiny never really had a real MMO feel, nor did it have a full immersive feel either, at least to me. I essentially swore off Destiny forever, yet my children, inparticularly my two oldest boys, love watching me play – in fact, they are almost old enough to start playing themselves, so I relented, pre-ordered Destiny 2 so I could get the early access to the beta on PS4.

Couple of disclaimers – It is has been forever since I played Destiny, so I had a slight learning curve coming back in. Second, learning curve notwithstanding, I suck at FPS games – more so the PvP aspect, but you get what I am saying.

On day one I went back to my old trusty Titan, and everything felt familiar, just a bit rusty., and just a bit different. I love the character screen. Way more streamlined, way more simple – no more clutter. I like how weapons are done now – no more primary, special and heavy, we have kinetic, energy and power. Essentially, you can have 2 auto rifles equipped – one kinetic and one with energy, which, in my opinion, is an awesome move by Bungie. I did feel like the Titan was slower then before, but that could be from the fact I haven’t played in forever – when we did the Inverted Spire strike we seemed to move right along. It also felt like my jumps were a lot higher… then again, the opening story mission is in pretty tight quarters.

My only real complaint is that there is nothing in the beta to test the open world aspects – beyond exploring from inside the provided strike. It would have been nice to have gotten a little bit of a patrol area, a) to get a feel for how patrolling is going to be like, and b) of course to test it – mainly for stress with more then 3-6 people in an instance (multiple fire teams can load into the strike area at once) That being said, we explored a little bit last night within the strike area, and MesaSean and his team did some extensive exploring yesterday at release. Obviously, Bungie wants to keep as much of the game in the dark as possible – i.e. the new social space, etc, but it still would have been nice to see some of the patrol elements.

The opening mission was incredible – to me, far more enjoyable then the opening mission of Destiny 1. It felt like there were more enemies with more mechanics, something I felt was missing from the original game. The story, so far, provided along side of it, seemed to have more teeth, and I am looking forward to story and lore actually in game, versus having to acquire grimoire cards to view out of the game proper.

Inverted Spire – the included strike – was really fun, i can only imagine running it as a Nightfall when you get to the grinding blade section… will definitely be interesting as well as frustrating.

PvP was actually pretty fun, I ran both a Control, which is very similar to the original format, as well as Elimination, which has one team arm bombs while the other team tries to stop the arming team or at the very least, diffuse the armed bombs.

The changes to the classes are welcome. Sentinel Titan, with the possibility of either an offensive or defensive super is awesome. Choosing between a void Captain America or a bubble titan in the heat of the moment gives a lot more options for Titan. From the Hunter that I played with, their new super is way better then the original arc blade – I will be playing Hunter, and possibly Warlock, tonight.

All in all it feels like Bungie has taken a step in the right direction with the limited action in Destiny 2 that we can experience. I look forward to seeing what else gets said about it.

Note: I did not experience any technical difficulties except being kicked to orbit once from the PvP queue – our whole fire team got kicked to orbit. Several times we all had the ominous “Contacting Destiny Servers…” but we had no interruption of game play.