Elite Dangerous (PS4) – The Journey So Far

Elite Dangerous has now been out for 3-1/2 weeks now on Playstation 4, and for the most part, I am hooked. I have mostly done exploration, which is one of the reasons I haven’t streamed too much (watching me scan planets can’t be that much fun), but I have dabbled a little with combat, done some trading, and of course, completed enough missions to rank up a few times. All in all I have Chief Petty Officer in Federation rank with Federation reputation around 56% (friendly). Not much there for Empire or Alliance yet, I’ve been sticking with the feds for now. My goal and focus was to get a Sol permit, which I was able to do.

Earth (slightly distorted due to camera angle)

I just recently got to Ranger in exploration – been doing bits and pieces of the “Road to Riches” route. I’m still mostly harmless… but don’t tell that to the 12 NPCs I’ve killed. I’m still a merchant in trading, but once my next big move in Elite i will be working on that.

So, next big move – To Colonia then to Sagittarius A*. I will be running in tandem with a good friend of mine who now has a better jump range then me. We will be going in Asp Explorers and the idea is to take out time, explore, and see what we can find. We figure this will be a 2-3 week trip, though we will try to do it in less time – we just want to make sure we don’t miss anything. I do plan on streaming while we run – some with commentary, some without, so stay tuned.

Here are some more pictures from in game:




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