Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Trip to Colonia (with waypoints)

So, it begins tonight, the long trek to Colonia from Sol – CMDR whatevernick will be starting in a slightly different location due to not having a Sol permit.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol

Above is a picture of the initial waypoints we have entered to follow. Essentially, these are just a guide to follow, allowing us to keep a general direction with the ability to waver off course to explore. Below is another picture with some more systems booked marked that have stations in them.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol (with additional bookmarks)

Around 7pm Eastern the journey will start – there is a good chance I will get a head start on CMDR whatevernick, but with his higher jump rate, he should be able to catch up pretty quick. For the first 2-3000 light years of the journey I do not see either one of us stopping to explore systems very much, but as we move further out, exploration will commence.

For me, this is part one of a long journey to get to Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the galaxy. I cannot speak for Nick and what he will do, but I appreciate the company along the way to Colonia.

I plan on streaming every jump – this will be a tediously long journey, so I do not expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but hopefully we will find some cool things along the way.

JZH Gaming YouTube is where I will be streaming.

We used the Elite Dangerous Neutron Star Router  (this link shows our bookmarks) to plan our route – though we do not plan to use the Neutron Star Highway. To do this, we put our efficiency at 100%. Also, we have filtered out all stars that cannot be scooped for fuel – though that may change as we get closer and look for things that are different.


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