Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Sagittarius A*

After around seven hours of flying and jumping from Colonia, I finally made it to Sagittarius A*.

Sagittarius A*

I’m not the first Elite Dangerous Commander to make it to the center of the galaxy, and I’m sure I wont be the last, but it was a hell of a trip, and now its time to begin my trek back to the Bubble and Sol.

What began Friday (July 28) as an excursion to Colonia from the Bubble, ended up being a roughly 34,000Ly journey to Sag A* and i had a blast. To be clear, I did not stop in every system to explore and scan, but I did here and there. I made just over 30 million credits from exploration data from Sol and Colonia – which included stops in two Nebulae, plus a little exporation in the Nebula around Colonia. On the way to Sag A*, I’ve already discovered some water worlds, and with the amount of exploration I intend to do on my way back to Sol i expect a bigger pay day.

Above is some pictures on the way to the center of the galaxy, below are some more from Sagittarius A*.

Finally, one from the begin trip back home.


On the way back, I plan at least one detour – to the “Great Annihilator.” This system has two black holes in it and a few other stars – should be fun! It will be featured in tonights stream, roughly about an hour in depending on how many planets I decide to scan along the way.


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