Elite Dangerous – Home Again from Sag A*

I made it back to Sol from Sagittarius A* last Friday night, and it was a huge relief. All in all it took just over a week – from Friday night to Friday night (started at 7pm Eastern and finished at around 8:30 pm Eastern a week later). I made just over 103 million total in exploration data – could have made a bit more if I would have taken a little bit more time before I got to Sag. A*. It was a fun and good trip, with a few cool sights – black holes and nebulae – a little danger – got too close to a star once, and a LOT of jumps. But I made it, and all is well.

Sol to Colonia to Sagittarius A*

Next up… Beagle Point.

I know, i just got back, but I’ve never been one to stay at one place for long, so after a little money making (Quince) and a little farming for FSD mod parts, it will once again be off to the great unknown – well, not totally unknown, but definitely for me.

I will definitely be streaming on YouTube, and will make sure I announce on here and twitter the exact day I plan to start. Should be Thursday or Friday.

Stay tuned! o7


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