Elite Dangerous – Onward to Beagle Point

So, it begins! Last night I was able to get in about 9,000Ly, even with starting out going the wrong way – had my route to somewhere different for some reason, I will chalk it up to nerves.

Along the way, I was swayed by a Nebula not to far away – NGC 6357 – to give it a visit, so I did.

It was one of the better looking nebulae that I have ran into so far.

This trip will probably be full of detours and distractions – that is kind of the point in going out 65k Ly to the edge of nowhere, so expect some more picture like these to follow.

Streaming schedule of the trip:
Today – Approximately 1pm or so, for a few hours with no commentary – thought I will answer any questions in chat as I can
Tonight – Approximately 7pm with commentary. CMDR altlesjoe may also be in chat, and maybe CMDR whatevernick. Joe is beginning his way back from Sagittarius A*
Tomorrow – Approximately 7pm with commentary
Sunday – Approximately 7pm with commentary
Monday – Streams during the day with no commentary and at night with.

As always, I will be streaming on my YouTube Channel.

So far, beyond having a hard time turning around one binary star grouping and starting out going the wrong way, the trip has gone off without a hitch. We will see what happens 48 bookmarks later when I get to the Abyss.



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