Elite Dangerous – 21,500Ly from Colonia


At first glance it appears I am simply going to Colonia from Sol… but I’m not, I am heading here from Beagle Point. My journey began 20 days ago – August 10 2017 (3303 in game time) and I still have a few more days until I reach Colonia. Side note: I did lose five days in jumping having to go to Georgia on an unexpected trip in real life.

It took me roughly 27 hours of jumping to reach Beagle Point, with a couple of detours, but nothing to drastic. I have spent just under 11 hours so far on my return to civilization. I estimate, with scanning good planets as I find them, I have around 8-10 total hours left until I reach Colonia.

My plan is to reach Jacque Station on Friday at some point.


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