Destiny 2 – What A Weekend!

As the title says, what a weekend! For the entire community, the “Whisper” quest brings in the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle, aka the Black Spindle. For the Average Joes Clan it brought us our first Prestige Leviathan clear as a group.

We spent around 8 hours the first day it was out with no luck – but we came close a couple of times. Saturday we all got it on our first runs.

Prestige Leviathan has been one of those things that has been a nemesis, mainly because we have had an issue getting a 6th person in who could help us. Saturday night we were able to get it done.

Not only were we able to get it done but we were able to one phase Calus, with the Whisper of the Worm of course!

Next up for us as a group is to complete Spire of Stars as well as finish the catalyst on our WotW. Stay tuned to YouTube to watch our progress.


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