Elite Dangerous – Journey to Beagle Point (Trip Update)

So far i have travels almost 30,000Ly on my journey to Beagle Point, leaving me just over 26,000Ly from the Abyss – a very empty portion of the galaxy (empty of stars at least). Before engineering and jumping boosts, this area of space was very difficult, if not near impossible to traverse, i am hoping now that I have an engineered FSD with a 56Ly+ jump range, it will not be too bad.

Unfortunately, it looks like i am going to have to take a small break in my space travels to take care of some family stuff – nothing real serious in the grand scheme of things, I just need to take some time to take care of it. I will probably be off for 3-5 days, but then be back to it.

CMDR altlesjo (His YouTube) has promised to stream and share all of our secrets… what ever that means! 🙂 But, don’t hold your breath haha.

Safe Flying Commanders! o7

Elite Dangerous – Onward to Beagle Point

So, it begins! Last night I was able to get in about 9,000Ly, even with starting out going the wrong way – had my route to somewhere different for some reason, I will chalk it up to nerves.

Along the way, I was swayed by a Nebula not to far away – NGC 6357 – to give it a visit, so I did.

It was one of the better looking nebulae that I have ran into so far.

This trip will probably be full of detours and distractions – that is kind of the point in going out 65k Ly to the edge of nowhere, so expect some more picture like these to follow.

Streaming schedule of the trip:
Today – Approximately 1pm or so, for a few hours with no commentary – thought I will answer any questions in chat as I can
Tonight – Approximately 7pm with commentary. CMDR altlesjoe may also be in chat, and maybe CMDR whatevernick. Joe is beginning his way back from Sagittarius A*
Tomorrow – Approximately 7pm with commentary
Sunday – Approximately 7pm with commentary
Monday – Streams during the day with no commentary and at night with.

As always, I will be streaming on my YouTube Channel.

So far, beyond having a hard time turning around one binary star grouping and starting out going the wrong way, the trip has gone off without a hitch. We will see what happens 48 bookmarks later when I get to the Abyss.


Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Journey to Beagle Point

DG1NOQHUAAEWivc.jpg large.jpg

My Anaconda is ready. I am ready. So today will begin the long journey to Beagle Point. The plan is to go there as well as the “Tree House,” then head back to Sol.

The trip out there is just over 65,000Ly – so round trip i am looking at at least 130,000Ly without any detours, and I expect there to be some detours. The plan is to take it slower then my trip out to Sagittarius A* – I wont have CMDR whatevernick pushing me to catch up!

Unlike my trip to Colonia, Sag A* and back to Sol, I will be in an Anaconda with a jump range at 56.51 Ly with a full tank of fuel. This leaves me with around 19 jumps or less for every 1,000Ly, in stead of around 30 or so like it was with the Asp Explorer. I will also be taking an SRV with me, and I do plan on landing on some planets.

The trip begins tonight – around 7-7:30pm Eastern time, and I will be streaming on YouTube as usual.

Elite Dangerous – Home Again from Sag A*

I made it back to Sol from Sagittarius A* last Friday night, and it was a huge relief. All in all it took just over a week – from Friday night to Friday night (started at 7pm Eastern and finished at around 8:30 pm Eastern a week later). I made just over 103 million total in exploration data – could have made a bit more if I would have taken a little bit more time before I got to Sag. A*. It was a fun and good trip, with a few cool sights – black holes and nebulae – a little danger – got too close to a star once, and a LOT of jumps. But I made it, and all is well.

Sol to Colonia to Sagittarius A*

Next up… Beagle Point.

I know, i just got back, but I’ve never been one to stay at one place for long, so after a little money making (Quince) and a little farming for FSD mod parts, it will once again be off to the great unknown – well, not totally unknown, but definitely for me.

I will definitely be streaming on YouTube, and will make sure I announce on here and twitter the exact day I plan to start. Should be Thursday or Friday.

Stay tuned! o7

Elite Dangerous – Great Annihilator & Black in Green (Black Holes)

First stop from Sagittarius A* was the Great Annihilator black hole system


It was pretty cool, but to be honest, the look wasn’t much different then Sagittarius A*. Luckily, I didn’t have to go to far (just under 2,000Ly) to get to a totally awesome black hole system, known affectionately as the “Black in Green” black hole, located in the Shrogea MH-V e2-1763 system. Though it took me about one 1,000Ly way point out of the way from my route back to Sol, it was well worth it!

Here are some pictures I took while there:

Until reach this, Sagittarius A* was, for me, the coolest system I had been in, but not anymore! If you are heading to Sagittarius A*, or returning back to Sol, I definitely recommend you checking it out.

Here is a link to my current route with 1,000Ly way points from Sol. For the record, I set my filters to only route to scoopable stars and non-sequence stars.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Sagittarius A*

After around seven hours of flying and jumping from Colonia, I finally made it to Sagittarius A*.

Sagittarius A*

I’m not the first Elite Dangerous Commander to make it to the center of the galaxy, and I’m sure I wont be the last, but it was a hell of a trip, and now its time to begin my trek back to the Bubble and Sol.

What began Friday (July 28) as an excursion to Colonia from the Bubble, ended up being a roughly 34,000Ly journey to Sag A* and i had a blast. To be clear, I did not stop in every system to explore and scan, but I did here and there. I made just over 30 million credits from exploration data from Sol and Colonia – which included stops in two Nebulae, plus a little exporation in the Nebula around Colonia. On the way to Sag A*, I’ve already discovered some water worlds, and with the amount of exploration I intend to do on my way back to Sol i expect a bigger pay day.

Above is some pictures on the way to the center of the galaxy, below are some more from Sagittarius A*.

Finally, one from the begin trip back home.


On the way back, I plan at least one detour – to the “Great Annihilator.” This system has two black holes in it and a few other stars – should be fun! It will be featured in tonights stream, roughly about an hour in depending on how many planets I decide to scan along the way.

Elite Dangerous – To Colonia and then Sagittarius A*

CMDR whatevernick and I began our journey to Colonia on Friday night, reaching Colonia late Saturday. From there, we began our trip to Sagittarius A*, the center of the galaxy.

Along the way to Colonia we made several detours to Nebulae, discovering planets and entire systems no one else has claimed. All in all it took roughly 13.5 hours to reach Colonia, and it should take around 6 hours total to reach Sagittarius A* from there.

My plan is to reach Sagittarius A* tonight and begin the journey back home – with several stops along the way, the first being the Great Annihilator. Like I did on the trip to Colonia, I plan to take detours to Nebulae as I approach them on the galaxy map.


Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Trip to Colonia (with waypoints)

So, it begins tonight, the long trek to Colonia from Sol – CMDR whatevernick will be starting in a slightly different location due to not having a Sol permit.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol

Above is a picture of the initial waypoints we have entered to follow. Essentially, these are just a guide to follow, allowing us to keep a general direction with the ability to waver off course to explore. Below is another picture with some more systems booked marked that have stations in them.

Colonia Waypoints from Sol (with additional bookmarks)

Around 7pm Eastern the journey will start – there is a good chance I will get a head start on CMDR whatevernick, but with his higher jump rate, he should be able to catch up pretty quick. For the first 2-3000 light years of the journey I do not see either one of us stopping to explore systems very much, but as we move further out, exploration will commence.

For me, this is part one of a long journey to get to Sagittarius A*, the black hole at the center of the galaxy. I cannot speak for Nick and what he will do, but I appreciate the company along the way to Colonia.

I plan on streaming every jump – this will be a tediously long journey, so I do not expect anyone to watch the whole thing, but hopefully we will find some cool things along the way.

JZH Gaming YouTube is where I will be streaming.

We used the Elite Dangerous Neutron Star Router  (this link shows our bookmarks) to plan our route – though we do not plan to use the Neutron Star Highway. To do this, we put our efficiency at 100%. Also, we have filtered out all stars that cannot be scooped for fuel – though that may change as we get closer and look for things that are different.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) – Trip to Colonia

Its about that time, the trip to Colonia from Sol.

Join myself and CMDR whatevernick on our journey into deep space!

Beginning this Friday – time yet to be determined – we will begin out journey to Colonia, then potentially on to Sagittarius A*. I say potentially because I am not sure how weary we will be from the 23,000 light year journey once we reach our destination.

We will be using essentially the same way points, but we will not always be together during the journey – mainly because our jump ranges are different.

I will be streaming the journey throughout, both with commentary at times and sometimes without. We expect the journey to take a couple of weeks.

JZH Gaming YouTube is where the streaming will take place.

Elite Dangerous (PS4) – The Journey So Far

Elite Dangerous has now been out for 3-1/2 weeks now on Playstation 4, and for the most part, I am hooked. I have mostly done exploration, which is one of the reasons I haven’t streamed too much (watching me scan planets can’t be that much fun), but I have dabbled a little with combat, done some trading, and of course, completed enough missions to rank up a few times. All in all I have Chief Petty Officer in Federation rank with Federation reputation around 56% (friendly). Not much there for Empire or Alliance yet, I’ve been sticking with the feds for now. My goal and focus was to get a Sol permit, which I was able to do.

Earth (slightly distorted due to camera angle)

I just recently got to Ranger in exploration – been doing bits and pieces of the “Road to Riches” route. I’m still mostly harmless… but don’t tell that to the 12 NPCs I’ve killed. I’m still a merchant in trading, but once my next big move in Elite i will be working on that.

So, next big move – To Colonia then to Sagittarius A*. I will be running in tandem with a good friend of mine who now has a better jump range then me. We will be going in Asp Explorers and the idea is to take out time, explore, and see what we can find. We figure this will be a 2-3 week trip, though we will try to do it in less time – we just want to make sure we don’t miss anything. I do plan on streaming while we run – some with commentary, some without, so stay tuned.

Here are some more pictures from in game: