Gwent – Technical Beta on PS4

Gwent finally came to Playstation 4, albeit for only a weekend, and of course, in Beta form. To absolve myself from bias – or rather to let my bias be known, I rank The Witcher 3 as one of my all time favorite games – not just action role-playing games, but all time favorite, period. Having put in over 200 hours into it over the past 2 years, base game and DLC included, I can still find myself lost in unexplored places with new adventures to be found. On of the most unexpected treasures in the game, however, is not its combat system or a weird side quest, but a little game called Gwent.

Almost from release, there were calls to make this part of the game stand alone, or at least entertain a multiplayer version so we could continue playing, continue building our decks and continue winning. Gwent is so popular that the game in actual card game was made and released with DLC hardcopy versions from Gamestop, CD Projekt Red heard these cries and desires, and behold, we have the Gwent card game, in which you can build decks and play against players from around the world.

Already in a continual beta form on PC and Xbone, we folks on PS4 have been waiting patiently and hungrily to get our own hands on it and try it out. So, for the weekend of March 31, 2017, we had our chance.

If you watch the videos, I did not win very much – partly due to the fact that the card game has in fact been revamped and reshaped from the version found in The Witcher 3. The basics remain the same, however, and I quickly went through two hours on my final play through of the beta. I didn’t notice many problems in actual game play – people reported issues in naming decks, etc, but in the actual game, I had no issues – besides my on ineptitude – at all. I had one connection issue on the first night it was out – I got kicked from the server and could not re-establish a connection, but beyond that, no issues to report.

One thing I would like to see implemented is the “classic” deck – letting us play against people, as well as build up our decks against people, using the classic cards and rules. It could even be something where we could import our decks from The Witcher 3 base game. On that note though, I will take Gwent anyway I can get it – and I hope it soon returns to PS4.