ESO – Best in Slot (Trials)

Note: I will be updating all the builds I have that are done by me very soon

With vMoL now getting completions across all platforms, the scaling of Sanctum to our current level – with both veteran and normal modes, as well as a new DLC drop in Dark Brotherhood, we now have a new meta/BiS gear list for trials and serious group PvE content.

Please note, if you are playing solo, other sets maybe more viable for you – this applies to group dungeons as well where you don’t know what gear the tanks, dps and healers have on. However, for trials, everyone should be wearing the gear listed below to provide optimal damage output.

Magika –

Currently still the bread and butter for trials, especially vMoL and vSanctum. It does not mean a stamina based DPS cannot be effective, but with the “ease of use” on magika builds, on top of the shear damage output, magika DPS is still currently the preferred go to for trials.

Templar DPS > Twice Born Star, Willpower Jewelry, Skoria DW/Destro
Nightblade DPS > TBS/Aether (ONE person), Kena/Nerienth, Willpower jewelry, Destro/DW
Dragon Knight DPS >TBS, Skoria, Willpower Jewelry Double Destro
Sorcerer DPS > TBS Kena Willpower Destro/DW (Scathing is good on a sorc ONLY in maelstrom and for solo play.)

Utility – Tanks and Healers

Tanking is my favorite role, and since the release of the Thieves Guild DLC, it has taken a MAJOR turn for the better. With Dark Brotherhood it has changed slightly, but more so with resource management over gear usage. Healing hasn’t changed all that much, but you will need to grind for all of the gear

DK Tank > Tava’s w/Footmen or Alkosh OR Tava’s with Ebon w/Bloodspawn set
Templar Healers > SPC w/ Aether/Twilight Remedy/Worm Resto/Destro

Stamina –

Lastly, we come to stamina DPS. The most complicated damage dealing to play rotation wise. Some would say an average magika user is not a problem, however if you are only an average stamina user you will not succeed. That being said, with practice and gear, you can become one of the hardest hitting players in a dungeon or trial.

Dragonknight #1 > 5 TBS, 5 Morag Tong, Maelstrom Axe & Dagger with Master Bow
Dragonknight #2 or Templar > Night Mothers and Twice Born are all comparable. (Twice born will benefit MOST from Warhorn) (Also: Mephalas) w/ Maelstrom Axe & Dagger with Master Bow, Agility Jewelry.

Some Notes:

Tanks –

On my Dragonknight tank, i currently run Tava’s Favor with Ebon, both 5 pieces, with Blod Spawn Helmet. The reasoning is I gain huge amounts of ultimate, and ultimate equals both Warhorn and resource regeneration/management. Footman’s can give you more mitigation, even at at CP140, however, running all armor with reinforced and made legendary, your resistances should be at or close to cap with buffs. Alkosh is another great utility set for tanks. An optimal setup where there are two tanks is for both to be wearing Tava’s, one wear Alkosh and one wear Ebon.

Stamina DPS –

On my stamplar, I currently run 5 piece TBS and 4 piece Night Mothers Gaze, with Agility Jewelry (with weapon damage enchantments). As long as my rotation is good in group play, I have no issues, and I see a huge boost from Warhorn.

Twice Born Star –

I see a lot of people fight this, but honestly in a trial situation, or even a dungeon where a tank is running Tava’s and Bloodspawn (and throwing Warhorn), the damage output is nuts. Short of maybe vMaelstrom, even running solo, this set works fantastic. Couple this with both the Thief and Shadow mundus stones, its awesome.

Morag Tong –

A set made for stamina Dragonknights before poison was the thing, and now that it is, as well as scaled to CP160, it works extremely well for them. The 5 piece bonus fives stamina and weapon damage, plus a buff to poison damage. Couple this with TBS and you have the potential to rock.

Traits and Enchantments –

Though it should be obvious, you want Divines on gear unless you are a tank (and maybe healer – my expertise for healers is simply I know they heal 🙂 ). For tanking, reinforced or sturdy – personally I prefer reinforced for the mitigation. For enchantments, depending on whether you are a magika or stamina DPS, go with one or the other. Same goes for weapon/spell damage on jewelry. Traits on weapons for DPS should be sharpened or precise.

Final Thoughts –

The truth is this list will evolve, with both the current content and as we get future content with changes from Zenimax. We all know that once a meta exists, ZOS always intends to shake it up and have it change. I will be making this post into a separate page – found here – that i will update as things change. I want to note that this list is not something I created, but is from an effort from groups of both PC and console players that have tested extensively and to their own in game financial detriment.  Though this is not my list, I stand behind it because I have seen from observation, and by playing with people that use these sets, and I know it works. I would like to thank the guild leaders on Eternum and University (PS4-NA) for compiling this list, and for all those involved in testing.