Current Streaming Schedule & Plans

Good morning all – I wanted to give a brief update on the streaming schedule and games being played. First, I have essentially quite Destiny 2 – mainly because I do not want to be tethered to my PS4 anymore and I don’t want to regrind everything on PC. Plus, the game, and FPS games in general, are getting stale to me. Anthem is not going to happen… and neither is Division 2. Though fun, the progression in both games became very… nonexistent after a certain period of time. Division 2 definitely lasted longer and I have faith in its future, but I will not be a part of it going forward.

I have decided to go back to my roots in more ways then one – MMO and Final Fantasy. I have been back in FFXIV since about mid-April and I am loving it, leveling things and clearing things that I never though I would. Because I have been leveling crafting and gathering, I have not been streaming very much. That changes this week with the lift of the embargo on info on Shadowbringers. Between now and June 27 streams will happen more frequently but probably not everyday. Come June 28, which brings Shadowbringers early access, I will be on every day like normal. June 28 & 29 will be all day streams playing the new expansion.

I apologize for not on much, and I thank everyone for their support!



Destiny 2 – Exodus Crash Completion – 0:00 Time Left

We thought we had lost again, but we pulled it out with no time left. Note: We went back in with alts and beat it with almost 3 minutes left. No glitches or pushing the boss off the edge, just a war of attrition (no pun intended with the modifier)

Thanks to the clan mates from the Order of Average Joes for the run!

Destiny 2


Well, once again Destiny is in the news, this time with Destiny 2. I swore about a year ago that I wouldn’t get excited about a new Destiny release… but turns out I broke that promise!

Expect some Destiny 2 content soon involving myself and potentially the clan – The Order of Average Joes –  I am in.

Until next time, enjoy a Nightfall completion for the Rat King exotic hand cannon:

Elite Dangerous – 21,500Ly from Colonia


At first glance it appears I am simply going to Colonia from Sol… but I’m not, I am heading here from Beagle Point. My journey began 20 days ago – August 10 2017 (3303 in game time) and I still have a few more days until I reach Colonia. Side note: I did lose five days in jumping having to go to Georgia on an unexpected trip in real life.

It took me roughly 27 hours of jumping to reach Beagle Point, with a couple of detours, but nothing to drastic. I have spent just under 11 hours so far on my return to civilization. I estimate, with scanning good planets as I find them, I have around 8-10 total hours left until I reach Colonia.

My plan is to reach Jacque Station on Friday at some point.

Elite Dangerous – 18,000Ly from Beagle Point


So, here I am, 18,000Ly from Beagle Point, 48,300Ly away from Sol… which means I am roughly 48,000Ly away from any civilization.

I will soon reach the Abyss – a portion of the galaxy between me and Beagle Point where the density of stars is very low. I am pretty confident… yet still anxious… that I can make it across with no real issues. The plan today is to do some jumping this afternoon, trying to get to around 10,000Ly away from Beagle Point before tonight – essentially putting me right on the edge of the Abyss. The plan from there is to cross it tonight and reach Beagle Point, but we will see!

I will be streaming this afternoon (with no commentary, but I will be in the stream chat) and then again tonight starting at or around 7:30pm Eastern (with commentary). If I get to the point where I know I will get to Beagle Point, I will make sure I tweet it out so everyone knows.

Be sure to follow me on twitter for updates as well as YouTube.


Elite Dangerous – Closing in on the Abyss (Journey to Beagle Point)


After almost a week away, I was able to jump back on a little this weekend to make some more progress. I made it from my 25th bookmark to my 35th – roughly 9,000Ly – which, in the over all scheme of things is not much, but since being away for so long felt like a victory!

I am approximately 26,000Ly away from what is known as the Abyss – a region of the galaxy that has few stars, making it difficult to plot a route across. Even with being able to plot a route, one must be careful to make sure there are enough scoopable stars along the way as to not run out of fuel.

Hopefully I will be able to get back on track and schedule this week – I am experiencing a slight upheaval in home life (my mother has come to live with us), but everything is starting to feel like it is getting back to normal. The general idea is to start by 8pm Eastern, but as close to 7pm Eastern as possible, so we will see how it goes. I apologize in advance for not being able to nail down a specific time, hopefully I will be able to soon.