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On a really sweet note, going to be teaming up with friend l-LeGiT_PsYcHo-l to post more videos and builds. Legit runs a sweet tank among other things, and is upping his stream game once again – check him out on Twitch, YouTube and on Facebook!

Eternum (ESO Guild PS4-NA) has begun to step up its game with progression raid (trials) runs. Our goal is to first get used to playing with one another, second to get mechanics down, and third to begin getting stage/boss completion. The team has awesome leadership and members, and once we get our team completely organized with one another, Legit and I will both start streaming our runs.

If you are in need of a wonderful end game PvE guild with a little PvP thrown in, check out Eternum on Facebook. The guild has excellent leadership staff who are very knowledgeable towards end game ESO goals.


The Dragonknight Tank build has been updated – will post some videos once I have the time to make them. Currently working on updating the Stamina Templar build for both personal PvE as well as trial orientation. In the same vein, I am also working on stamina builds for Dragonknight and Nightblade, both focused on end game PvE and trials. Shout out to my fellow stamina gurus in Eternum for all of their help so far!

Stamina Templar

Additional for tanking, Legit_Psycho will also be posting a build soon – I will post my build and his together and we will discuss the difference – both advantages and disadvantages to both.

On the magika side of things – Templar and Dragonknight DPS builds are planned, but are still in need of a lot of work. I still have no love for healing – not really, just don’t have the time or the character space at the moment, but come the next update, I will also have a healer build.


My current schedule is pretty straight forward… trials, then trials and trials again! During the week its mostly farming runs in Maw of Lorkhaj and Sanctum Ophidia. Thursdays and Saturdays are taken up with progression runs, and Fridays are PvP nights. I will post a tentative streaming schedule soon once I get permission for the others involved. In the meantime, I will be posting video clips on YouTube to show some highlights.




– ESO – Tanking Update – Dragonknight

This is a re-post of the updated Tanking Page. The page will be updated as changes happen.

Dragon Knight Tank – 3.0 (6/30/2016)

My current setup is “strictly” a trials set up – that being said, it still works for four man dungeons and the like.

Tri-Stat Food, Volatile Armor Active (one piece of Ebon armor is purple in this pic)


5 piece Tava’s Favor
5 piece Ebon
2 piece Bloodspawn

I want all armor pieces reinforced, particularly because these sets do not offer any sort of mitigation – except in there bonus procs. My weapons are defending. Jewelry is how it comes. All enchantments are into stamina, likewise, all armor ability points. My jewelry enchantments are for magika recovery, and my weapons are absorb stamina.

The idea here is to be able to a) tank anything thrown at me and b) gain ultimate like a boss and blow on my warhorn all night long. Along with DK passives, this build is made for sustain, damage mitigation and major group support.

Skills –

Bar One – Sword & Shield
Ransack : Our main taunt – Changed from pierced armor due to its ability to cancel Elemental Drain, which ultimately will/can hurt magika DPS. Still offers physical resistance debuff (ED will give you the spell resist debuff), plus gives an buff to your own physical resistance. Not optimal for 4 man dungeons if no one is running ED – though it will still get you through. Optimal team set up is tank with Ransack and someone running ED.
Unrelenting Grip : Our general purpose pull for getting distant enemies close. Also can work as an interrupt, for example distant healers.
Choking Talons : Along with Unrelenting Grip, our bread and butter crowd control skill. Even on bosses, this skill is important because it inflicts minor maim, reducing their damage by 15% for 7 seconds. It also
Absorb Magika : Damage shield  – useful most against spell throwing enemies (will block and heal you), but also useful because it increases the amount of blocking you are able to do, as well as decreases blocking cost – both by 8%
Resolving Vigor (flex) : Excellent stamina based heal and heal over time – a must have for any stamina based class, tanks included. This is also my flex spot on my front bar – typically I do not need a heal (I am surrounded by wonderful healers, plus I’m a tank and have good mitigation). I generally keep this on my bar as a just in case. It also helps in situations where everyone is taking a lot of damage at once (Sanctum poison, Fungal Grotto final boss) just to give the healer some help.

Ultimate : Aggressive Warhorn – Boosts everyone’s resources by jor 10%, and provides Major Force for 9.5 seconds – increasing critical strike damage by 30%. This is HUGE, particularly for boss encounters. This is your most important skill besides taunting. Everything you do goes into making this happen every 45 seconds or so.

Bar Two – Sword & Shield
Inner Fire (or Rage) : Our ranged, and magika based, taunt. Sometimes feels broken, but a necessary skill to have. It is not necessary to morph this – and because of the synergy of the morph, ask your raid leader if he/she wants it morphed or not. Technically this is also a flex skill, for example I will slot Eruption here instead at times, but typically I just keep it on my bar.
Igneous Shield / Igneous Weapons (flex) : A lot of tanks are simply dumping igneous weapons due to the fact that most dps are running some sort of Major Brutality buff – plus, Igneous Shield gives us tanks, and those around us, a small damage shield to help with mitigation. For trials, I would say run Igneous Shields UNLESS told otherwise by the raid leader. For dungeons, I’d say the same unless no one has a buff for Major Brutality. The simple truth is you should not really need the shield in any of the dungeons, though it does not hurt. Also, because of the Helping Hands passive, both of these will restore 5% of stamina every time you hit it.
– Heroic Slash : Our back bar source of Minor Maim as well as Minor Heroism – granting us more ultimate gain. Remember that the main purpose of this build beyond simply tanking is ultimate gain for Warhorn.- Elude/Shuffle : Preference is yours, they both give Major Evasion – helping you proc Tava’s Favor. If you are not running a 5-1-1 for Undaunted passives, Shuffle is ultimately better because it will get you out of snares. if you are running a piece of medium armor for the 5-1-1, Elude will give you a slightly longer up time. I would normally say just go with Shuffle.
Hardened Armor : Our major physical and spell resistance buff. Hardened Armor also gives damage shield for 10% of your max health for 3.5 seconds.

Ultimate : Magma Shell – Major damage mitigation ultimate for yourself and allies, also useful to help with resource management over Warhorn because of the lower cost.

Flex Skills
Eruption : Crowd control for multiple mobs, radius is 5 meters. So its small, but it is effective. Also provides a small DoT.
Coagulating Blood : Magic based heal, which also increases your healing received. I prefer this over Greens Dragon Blood because I do not benefit from the extra stamina regeneration while I am blocking.
Engulfing Flame : Provides a debuff to enemies causing them to take more damage from flame damage. Typically a Magika DK DPS will be running this. Noxious Breath is not preferred because Major Fracture is already being applied by Ransack.
Guard : 
Standard of Might : (Ultimate)

Champion Points –

Green – I put at least 75 points into Reduce Block Cost (Shadow Ward – The Shadow), everything else goes into Magika Recovery. If you recovery is over 1600, you can put some into Reduced Magika Cost or into Reduced Block Cost.

Red – I put 60/60 into Hardy and Elemental Defender. I put the rest into Heavy Armor Focus and Quick Recovery. (HA Focus to give my physical resistance a little buff)

Blue – The real flex – I put some points into Blessed incase I need to heal myself, the rest is preference.

Some Important Notes:
– Do not worry about getting your resistances well above cap – Ransack will help with physical, and Blood Spawn will proc, giving you more then you need.
– Ensure your buffs – Violatile Armor and Shuffle are up at all times. Luckily, there are on screen indicators – Shuffle makes you look invisible, Volatile Armor puts spikes on your back.
– Make sure when switching bars – you will be doing this alot – it is safe to do so! Though you may be holding block, when you bar swap you are vulnerable.
– No need to over taunt – it wastes stamina (or magika). They last for 15 seconds. Safe bet is to taunt every 10 seconds or so, and make sure you taunt befor swapping bars to buff.
– Heoric Slash is a major resource for ultimate gain, as well as minor maim, do not forget about it. However, if you are low on stamina, just hit choking talons for the minor maim and concentrate on Shuffle – it is of more importance.
– Warhorn is the most important ultimate you have slotted, but if you do need resources, or increased mitigation, do not be afraid to use Magma Shell.

I would like to thank all the tanks in University and Eternum (ESO Guilds – PS$/NA) for all of their input.

Update & News – 6/22/16

With the release of Dark Brotherhood on ESO now for all platforms, it is time for what has become a quarterly update. Coming soon are two updates to builds, one for tanking – specifically tanking as a Dragonknight and one for Stamina Templar DPS.

Some New Pages:

Best in Slot Gear for Trials
– This covers all builds (except Stam sorc…) and has been compiled by some great minds with a lot of research on PS4 and PC. Though the list and page will continue to evolve and be updated, this is essentially what people will expect you to have if you are running vMoL or vSanctum

Sorcerer Tank
– Two videos by my friend StarFireLeo on tanking with a sorcerer. I will be going through the videos and picking out the information for an actual write up soon, but until then, the videos are worth watching if you want to tank with a sorc!

Playing ESO News

– I have joined two wonderful end game focused PvE guilds, which are connected together by members. Both University and Eternum (PS4-NA) are excellent guilds with many knowledgeable members who are in the top tier players on PS4-NA.  Both links go to their Facebook pages.

– I have gotten to where i want to be with my tanking and stamina DPS, now its on to magika dps and healing. Healing will take a back seat at the moment. First up I will be getting my magika Dragonknight vMoL ready, then getting my magika Nightblade there as well. Once that is done I will be focusing on my healer. If I get any free time, I will be leveling up  a new stamina DK (khajite this time) as well as a magika Templar for DPS.

Coming Soon
– Totally revamped page dedicated to tanking. My plan is obviously to have a Dragonknight focus, but also I want to have space for sorcs, templars and even nightblades (some of the most cool and pain in the ass tanking ever).
– New leveling guide – with the new training trait, leveling has become a breeze. In reality, the gist of leveling is put on all training and run to a good grind spot with a few friends, but I want to go into a little more depth to make sure you get on the right track with leveling what you need, for each class.
– More videos – The JZH Gaming Youtube has been quiet of late. Some of that is I have been real busy, some of that has been not having too much to stream. I promise there will be more streaming coming soon!

ESO – Best in Slot (Trials)

Note: I will be updating all the builds I have that are done by me very soon

With vMoL now getting completions across all platforms, the scaling of Sanctum to our current level – with both veteran and normal modes, as well as a new DLC drop in Dark Brotherhood, we now have a new meta/BiS gear list for trials and serious group PvE content.

Please note, if you are playing solo, other sets maybe more viable for you – this applies to group dungeons as well where you don’t know what gear the tanks, dps and healers have on. However, for trials, everyone should be wearing the gear listed below to provide optimal damage output.

Magika –

Currently still the bread and butter for trials, especially vMoL and vSanctum. It does not mean a stamina based DPS cannot be effective, but with the “ease of use” on magika builds, on top of the shear damage output, magika DPS is still currently the preferred go to for trials.

Templar DPS > Twice Born Star, Willpower Jewelry, Skoria DW/Destro
Nightblade DPS > TBS/Aether (ONE person), Kena/Nerienth, Willpower jewelry, Destro/DW
Dragon Knight DPS >TBS, Skoria, Willpower Jewelry Double Destro
Sorcerer DPS > TBS Kena Willpower Destro/DW (Scathing is good on a sorc ONLY in maelstrom and for solo play.)

Utility – Tanks and Healers

Tanking is my favorite role, and since the release of the Thieves Guild DLC, it has taken a MAJOR turn for the better. With Dark Brotherhood it has changed slightly, but more so with resource management over gear usage. Healing hasn’t changed all that much, but you will need to grind for all of the gear

DK Tank > Tava’s w/Footmen or Alkosh OR Tava’s with Ebon w/Bloodspawn set
Templar Healers > SPC w/ Aether/Twilight Remedy/Worm Resto/Destro

Stamina –

Lastly, we come to stamina DPS. The most complicated damage dealing to play rotation wise. Some would say an average magika user is not a problem, however if you are only an average stamina user you will not succeed. That being said, with practice and gear, you can become one of the hardest hitting players in a dungeon or trial.

Dragonknight #1 > 5 TBS, 5 Morag Tong, Maelstrom Axe & Dagger with Master Bow
Dragonknight #2 or Templar > Night Mothers and Twice Born are all comparable. (Twice born will benefit MOST from Warhorn) (Also: Mephalas) w/ Maelstrom Axe & Dagger with Master Bow, Agility Jewelry.

Some Notes:

Tanks –

On my Dragonknight tank, i currently run Tava’s Favor with Ebon, both 5 pieces, with Blod Spawn Helmet. The reasoning is I gain huge amounts of ultimate, and ultimate equals both Warhorn and resource regeneration/management. Footman’s can give you more mitigation, even at at CP140, however, running all armor with reinforced and made legendary, your resistances should be at or close to cap with buffs. Alkosh is another great utility set for tanks. An optimal setup where there are two tanks is for both to be wearing Tava’s, one wear Alkosh and one wear Ebon.

Stamina DPS –

On my stamplar, I currently run 5 piece TBS and 4 piece Night Mothers Gaze, with Agility Jewelry (with weapon damage enchantments). As long as my rotation is good in group play, I have no issues, and I see a huge boost from Warhorn.

Twice Born Star –

I see a lot of people fight this, but honestly in a trial situation, or even a dungeon where a tank is running Tava’s and Bloodspawn (and throwing Warhorn), the damage output is nuts. Short of maybe vMaelstrom, even running solo, this set works fantastic. Couple this with both the Thief and Shadow mundus stones, its awesome.

Morag Tong –

A set made for stamina Dragonknights before poison was the thing, and now that it is, as well as scaled to CP160, it works extremely well for them. The 5 piece bonus fives stamina and weapon damage, plus a buff to poison damage. Couple this with TBS and you have the potential to rock.

Traits and Enchantments –

Though it should be obvious, you want Divines on gear unless you are a tank (and maybe healer – my expertise for healers is simply I know they heal 🙂 ). For tanking, reinforced or sturdy – personally I prefer reinforced for the mitigation. For enchantments, depending on whether you are a magika or stamina DPS, go with one or the other. Same goes for weapon/spell damage on jewelry. Traits on weapons for DPS should be sharpened or precise.

Final Thoughts –

The truth is this list will evolve, with both the current content and as we get future content with changes from Zenimax. We all know that once a meta exists, ZOS always intends to shake it up and have it change. I will be making this post into a separate page – found here – that i will update as things change. I want to note that this list is not something I created, but is from an effort from groups of both PC and console players that have tested extensively and to their own in game financial detriment.  Though this is not my list, I stand behind it because I have seen from observation, and by playing with people that use these sets, and I know it works. I would like to thank the guild leaders on Eternum and University (PS4-NA) for compiling this list, and for all those involved in testing.

ESO – Lord Warden (Hard Mode) – vICP

Thanks to all who ran vICP last night for the Gold Pledge run:

J4LYFE (Healer) and KujoAlpha1 (DPS) who unfortunately had to leave early.

ODBUnlimited (DPS) who was there from the beginning, MightyHus007 (DPS) and Vaultamour (Healer) who came in to help finish the dungeon off.

This video is from the Tank PoV (jzhnutz). The idea, from the tanking perspective, is to keep the aggro of Lord Warden on the tank at all times – especially in hard mode where there are a lot of other factors that can hurt the other players in the group. With this particular fight, jzhnutz decided to tank mainly from his back bar. The tank is wearing 5 piece Tava’s favor, 5 piece Footman and 2 piece Blood Spawn. The idea behind this build is to gain as much ultimate as possible quickly for two reasons – a) for resource managment and b) for Warhorn. The tank uses a ranged taunt instead of pierce armor because Lord Warden teleports himself frequently. For this fight Aggressive Warhorn is chosen as the ultimate for two reasons – a) high ultimate cost = more resource return and b) for the Major Force passive, granting 30%increase in critical strike damage for allies.

The build itself is based off of Deltias Gaming’s Talon Tank with some slighr modifications.

ESO – Beginner’s Guide to Running Dungeons

Beginner’s Guide to Running Dungeons

Like many MMO’s, the end game of Elder Scrolls Online in PvE centers around dungeons and trials. While all dungeons and trials are different, typically the team format and strategy is similar for all of them – the biggest difference is in trials where you have a team of twelve instead of four, and the mechanics swirl around the size of the team differently.

Group Makeup

The trinity of most traditional MMO’s is tank, healer and DPS (x2) and ESO is no different. Though it is very possible to complete a dungeon without all of these components, this introduction will follow this makeup.


A tank’s primary job is to taunt and control enemies.  Outside of boss fights, ensuring all, or as many as possible, of the enemies are in the same location and controlled with some sort of crowd control, will be the tanks primary objective. Within boss fights, taunt and control the boss – and at times pull adds away from the boss. This all depends on the actual mechanics of the fight. Either way, taunt and control are the primary functions of the tank. Secondary, but very much related to the first, is buffing and debuffing. For buffing, the tank should have skills that help with both damage mitigation and dealing. As an example: My tank is a Dragon Knight, my typical rotation is:

Walking up to boss: Igneous shield (armor buff for self and allies), Hardened Armor (armor buff for self), Shuffle (resistance buff for self), Igneous Weapons (weapon and spell damage for self and allies) – At boss: Pierce Armor (taunt and physical and spell resistance debuff on enemy), Heroic Slash (damage debuff on enemy and ultimate buff on self).

From there its rinse and repeat – keeping buffs, debuffs and taunts up as needed – each buff and debuff runs on a timer. I keep in mind not to “over” taunt the enemy, or the enemy will turn to one of my allies instead – the rotation helps with this a lot. While I’m doing this I am mixing in light attacks (for ultimate) and heavy attacks (to get back stamina)

Within this rotation, I am not only raising my own armor, but I am increasing the armor of my allies, as well as their DPS –both by buffing their damage, and by debuffing the enemy.

Keep in mind, not every boss encounter will be the same, in fact, some bosses cannot be taunted at all. However, buffing and debuffing always remains a necessary job for the tank.


The healer’s primary job is to heal – both in bursts and over time. On top of this, the healer should also have his own buffs and debuffs to cast to help the fights go faster and easier. A healer should not set itself up just to throw burst heals – such as Breath of Life, but rather he or she should attempt to mitigate the need to ever have to throw burst heals. That does not mean that the healer won’t have to, but the less the healer has to throw out burst heals and use all of their magika, the better.

Before the fight, skills such as Purifying Light and Mutagen are good examples of heals over time. Combat Prayer and Blessings of Life are good examples of burst heals. A healer has to know when to throw down both of these.

For an example: A fight begins, throw down heals over time, buffs and any debuffs you may have – this is class dependent. When a group member falls to around 50%, then throw out a burst heal. Some, if not all, group members may have their own selfheal – in time, if you run with the same group over and over, you will have a pretty good indication of when you need to heal, through burst, certain members of your group. If playing with PUGS or a group you are not that comfortable with, the 50% rule is pretty solid.

A lot of healers are Templars – and as such, they have another great skill called Repentance. Once a group of mobs are dead, a Templar can activate Repentance to gain health and stamina, not just for themselves, but the whole group! As a person who mains a tank, I cannot even begin to describe how important this skill can be.


What many people would see as the bread and butter of MMO’s, and what everyone seems to play, is the role of damage dealer. Ironically, their rotation is much the same as the tank, with the difference being that their primary skills deal damage. Again, buff, debuff and attack. Simple and straight forward. All classes and weapon roles are different, but certain attributes are true throughout. A DPS must ensure they are properly buffed – either by themselves, or preferably through the tank or healer. This means that the DPS is dependent on others to maximize his or her damage output. The difference between a DPS attacking with and without Igneous Weapons being up, for example, are staggering. A damage dealer can go from dealing 25k+ DPS buffed, to dealing less then 20k DPS unbuffed on a single target. It doesn’t sound like much, but when facing a boss with 1.5 million health, that’s an addition 15 seconds that the boss is up if there is only that on DPS is up – and 15 seconds is a long time in a boss fight.

The key in group play is to know who is throwing what buffs and debuffs, making sure you do not throw any that overlap (freeing up your bar for another damage skill or a selfheal). Once you know, make sure those buffs are up – both offensive and defensive. Hit the boss after the taunt and debuff have been applied and the heals over time have been thrown. This means that above all else, a DPS needs to be both informed and patient. This becomes even more important playing on console where there are no addons telling you what is up and what is not. Next, a DPS needs to be concerned with both direct damage as well as damage over time (DoT). As an example, a bow user can use both Scorched Earth (a 14 sec DoT skill) and Poisoned Injection (a 10 sec DoT), then go back to their primary DPS skill – whatever that may be – i.e. Biting Jabs for a Stamina Templar, Flame Lash for a Magika Dragon Knight, etc. Once the DoTs are almost done, reapply them and go back to regular damage dealing. Complex yes, but necessary as the dungeons get more and more difficult. Meaning, you can get by with not doing this on Banished Cells, but Veteran City of Ash or White Gold Tower, not so much.

Bringing up vWGT, the other two items the DPS needs are a) single target attacks and area of effect (AoE) attacks and b) both ranged and melee attacks. Some bosses you need to be in their face as well as slaughter a ton of adds, others you need to sit back and hit from afar – such as the Engine Guardian or the Ash Titan.

All in all, playing DPS is what everyone seems to want to play, but in the end it can be the most complicated and ruthless of all three role.



It goes without saying – if you are going to run a group dungeons, have plenty of soul gems, food and potions that you will need. On top of this, the single most important thing to know and do is find out what your group is running – buffs, armor, debuffs, heals, etc. Based on that information, you can set yourself up accordingly. As an example, if you have two Dragonknights, only one of you needs and should be running Igneous Weapons and Igneous Shields. If they are both running it, they should each just run one and swap out the other for another skill. Both of running the same skills and having them up are redundant. Besides skills, armor and weapon sets can also provide group bonuses, only one person needs to run these sets usually, meaning someone can switch out for a different set if they have them to help maximize the group potential.

Group Leadership

Tanks and healers lead the groups – tanks by placing enemies and setting up the battlefield, healers by positioning. Listen to your tanks and healers, especially if they are experienced. Tanks turn bosses away from the groups – so DPS stay on the back side of the boss. Healers tell you if you need to move, or how to move, to ensure they can heal you. That being said if you, as a DPS need the tank to move the boss in a certain way, let them know. You will only succeed by working together.


In the end, we all run dungeons to have fun – so have fun! Be willing to listen to other players if they tell you that you did something wrong – or that something isn’t working. A tank knows if the DPS isn’t up to par, the healer knows if someone is too squishy, and the DPS knows if the tank is not holding aggro or if they are not getting the heals they need. Criticism needs to be constructive, not demeaning. In the end it is just a game. Remember, you can always get better.

If you have any comments, suggestions or anything to add, please let me know in the comments below.

Lone Survivor – Stamina DK DPS

Here is a stamina Dragonknight build by J4LYFE –

“Lone Survivor” – Build Link

I’ve played every type of stamina build character in ESO.  Out of all the characters played DragonKnight is my favorite.  I play a lot of solo so this build suits me well.  Very good in group settings as well as pvp.  Deltia and SypherPk websites have helped me put together this build.

Equipment:  5 pieces of Hundings Rage and 3 piece Night Silence.  Night silence can be switched out for something that hits harder like Night Mother’s but I like the sustain you get from Night Silence.  This is an easy set to get your hands on crafting wise.  Hundings with 2 piece Molag Kena, Engine Guardian, or Bloodspawn would be ideal to run with this build and use Maelstrom or Master Weapons. I use precise or sharpened on weapons w/ weapon damage glyphs.  Divines on armor and stam glyphs.

Jewelry:  Robust rings/necklace with weapon damage.  3 Agility pieces would be ideal if you can get your hands on them.

Running 5 piece Hundings 3 Night Silence with 3 agility rings I’m around 4k dmg 20k health and 30k stam with around 2100 stam regen using food that adds 5k health and 457 stam regen.

Race:  Imperial.  Can’t go wrong with this class.  You get a little bit of everything, health for tanking and stam for burst.

Champion Points: 501

Thief:  Tower 37 points into warlord for stam reduction.

Lover 100 points into Mooncalf for stam regen

Shadow 30 pts into tumbling

Warrior:  Lady 60 points into Hardy and 50 points into Elemental Defender

Steed 20 points into Resistant and 25 into Spell Shield

Lord 12 points into quick recovery

Mage: Ritual I put 100 points into Mighty 40 points into precise strikes and 10 points into Piercing.

Apprentice I dump 17 points into blessed

Not everyone has 501 champion points.  Use your points on stam regen/reduction and mighty/precise strikes.

2hand bar/Bow bar

Before a fight you want to use bow bar and get up igneous shields/shuffle.  2hand bar buff with rally for weapon dmg.  Before I attack I shoot arrow barrage on bow bar for area of effect switch to 2hand and close gap with crit rush.  If you have unstable flames hit with that for a nice damage over time.  Next hit with wrecking blow. Make sure you weave in some light/heavy attacks with skills for higher dps. Finish the fight with executioner.  If you’re in a long fight dolmen/world boss this build gives you the sustain you need to last.  Make sure to keep up igneous shields, shuffle, green dragons blood and resolving vigor.

If you’re not into using the 2hand you can swap it out for dual wield and use igneous weapon for a damage buff similar to rally minus the heals.  Or swap out bow for dual wield.  I prefer bow because of the hasty retreat passive you get when you dodge roll.  Great way to get out of danger in a hurry.  From time to time I run sword and board with 2hand on front bar.  DragonKnights are versatile and have great sustain which is why I enjoy playing as one.