ESO – Sanctum Ophidia – Possessed Mantikora



ESO – Sanctum Ophidia – The Serpent

Two videos of The Serpent fight in Sanctum Ophidia – both from DPS PoV

In a couple of weeks, this fight and the rest of the trial will be scaled and a lot harder.

ESO – Guild Change

To address any questions concerning the events following the end of the Sanctum Ophidia run last night – I, and several others who i play with, are no longer a part of Conviction (ESO Guild – PS4/NA).

The Serpent – Sanctum Ophidia Finale

The reason why, ultimately, is not important. However, because I am sure there is ill feelings (on both sides) I wanted to address it briefly in a post. i put friendship above and beyond any video game, and even more so any particular guild in a video game. Loyalty to a guild from its members is important, likewise, loyalty and transparency from guild leaders to guild members is equally important. Personally, I felt that proper transparency was lacking during recent events, but more importantly, that lack concerned a friend of mine. In life, we all have personality conflicts. insecurities, pet-peeves, etc. As a guild, these have to be set aside, by both members and leaders, for the guild to be successful. If there are issues, they must be addressed personally, never corporately – unless its a corporate problem, and in that, discussion must take place. This holds true in “real” life relationships as well. I know there will be conflicting reports, but I know, at least for me, I and others made the right decision. It was not made lightly, nor was it made in anger from me. I felt, again for me, it was necessary.

In a world full of bullshit and a video game culture full of elitism and toxic attitudes, I place friendship and compatibility over anything and everything, period. I know people don’t like me, and that is fine, and vice versa. I can still play with you, as long as you don’t mind playing with me. I also know no one is perfect- even the best at something ultimately get taken down. i am appreciative of all the opportunities I have received in ESO, from Conviction and other guilds/people, and no one situation will ever change that. I am also thankful for the friendships I have attained from playing this game. Saying that, I would like to tank the Conviction leadership for having me in the guild and the opportunities to raid and do dungeons. More importantly, thank you to all of the people I have befriended because of that guild, I am sure we will have even more glorious times together on the battlefield that is ESO together. I wish no one any ill will, only happiness and luck.

In the end, remember that ESO is only a game – its the friendships that matter most. Peace – jzhnutz